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Ampare Engine is a World Class Software Engineering Company Based in Bangkok , Thailand . Founded by Juthawong Naisanguansee since 2009 and having a publication talking in many TV , Newspaper and Magazine a lot in the past year


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Our Latest Software


Ampare WordPress Header Already Sent Fix Plugin


Ampare WordPress Header Already Sent Software is a software that automatically fix , Warning : Cannot Modify Header , Header Already Sent ( at … pluggable.php at line 1234 ) blah blah.

If you see this problems quite common , It may comes from Server Configuration and stuff . However , By just installing this plugin , The Header Already Sent problems will gone automatically and forever as long as you enable this plugin.

For More Information and Free Download Visit :

This plugin is available in Free and Paid.

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Our Featured Software


Day and Night Website Script

Day and Night Script is a software that been talking around the world in many news as a Software that can make your website behaves differently on day and Night which the time you can be customize in powerful Control Panel

It comes with 2 Version

  1. Installation ( Backend Need )
  2. Embed ( No Back End Need )

For more information on Installation Version , Visit :

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For Embed Version , Please Visit :


Our Honorable Mentions

Ampare Any OS Software

Ampare Any OS Set Time Shutdown


Ampare Any OS Software is a software that can be run on Windows , Mac and Linux . Available to Download For Free and Paid.

Example : Ampare Any OS Set Time Open File , Ampare Any OS Set Time Shutdown






Our Side Business

An Anonymous File Sharing Algorithm For Everyone

cloud-networking – Discontinued

Free Website for Advertising Land , House and Condominium to sell and buy





Ampare Domain – Company Sold

A Premium Quality and Affordable and Customizable Domain and Hosting Provider – Company Sell Out – Discontinued

A Powerful hosting service for Ampare Engine Friends and Partner

Youtube Bookmarking ( YoutubeBookmarking.COM )

Big Buck Bunny Teaser Poster



Our Charity Work


We are doing many project that help the community ,  The Hospital Management System ,  Religious Website , Non Profit Cloud , Crowdfunding for Non – Profit Organization such as Psychologist Volunteer and a lot more


Example of Our Work

Religious Website