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Ampare PHP Short Tag To Long Tag – Instantly change your php open short tag to open long tag in just a simple clicks.



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Ampare STOF – The Simply Easy To Use Windows Automation that does the amazing job in just 20$


is a multi-functional software that can schedule and run almost everything on your Windows

Ampare STOF 1.5C can be schedule to set time open file , launch application , copy file , open website , move file , download file , shutdown , close application process , restart , Alarm , Open Folder , Auto Type , Auto Click and even more.

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Ampare PDF Speech ReaderRead pdf speech out loud more than 50% off. (From Normal Price 999$)

Ampare PDF Speech Reader on startup weeks can export pdf to sound file such as wav for free included in software with no additional price added.


Introducing Opensource and Commercial PHP Encoder. Encode your php source code from programming noobs

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Proudly Present Ampare Engine Best Management System - Defa Manager

Defa Manager Playlist

Our Best Management System for Company

Ampare Engine Proudly Presented

Defa Manager

Defa Manager Screenshot


Defa Manager
Defa Manager on Ipad


Person Management System

Flexibile Tax Calculate , Video Conference , Chat and Communication system also much more!

Because of our information system. You can upload files and sync data with the best privacy in the world.You can manage things watch your video,edit picture or take a picture and even more all of it in Defa Manager.

Contact :

Juthawong Naisanguansee

Using Contact Form or Email Pasge


Full Function : http://ww2.juthawong.com/manager/defamanager/



Username : admin

password : 111




More Details :

Because of Our Management System are made to be easy. We have communication system such as Video Conference , Chat , Notification , Calling System , instant Messaging and more. Furthermore, We also have information system that made for very easy to use and to stored a large files inside. You can search it by text , binary , image and inside the image. Unlike Other, We are strictly with security and privacy. We do not sell your information. Moreover, We have the best easy to use person management system that can make your tax work very easily. We calculate tax, make slip and many thing in just a click.

Therefore,Why you don’t give it a try ?


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